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welcome to my shop,i put as much of me into my artwork as i can . over the years i have learned that i am my biggest critic so generally if im pleased with a piece most everyonelse is... i hope upon purchasing my work youll appreciate my visions and can see the care that i have taken to assure a quality piece , i have alot of pride in what i do and i hope it shows. i am open to critques and feedback ,everyone can use solid advice or feedback right?

Shipping details

usps priority .most orders are insured for selling price. the post office is the most convenient way for me to ship to you ,if however you prefer some other company ill be happy and try to accommodate you . i would like your shipping to be as low as possible,without compromising arrival dates or safety of my products

international rates must be paid for by the purchaser ,i cant quote pricing for places i dont know where its going

you may request pricing for your area by going thru messages...

Refunds, returns & exchanges

i will ship most items insured for their sold price ,so if an item arrives damaged we can both get our dues , my items are mostly one of a kinds:
some may be similiar but not exact if you would like a damaged item replaced im willing to replicate as best as possible ,realizing its a replica,,,colors and sizing may be slightly different. i may need some lead time for these,and we can work out details if this arrives.

with the time involved with making my projects i cant make refunds for under 100$ .
i may be willing to trade one for another if you cover all shipping and differences in pricing.

on returns over that amount must be postage paid and insured ,you will be credited when the item arrives in original condition...
if a potential buyer reguests a commision work there are no returns or refunds...(hopefully all details would have been worked out and this will never be an issue)

Additional information

i make it a point to measure all projects accurately ,size, hgt, width,weight etc,
images(colors) may appear slightly different online as in person these small differences are not reason enough to return an item.
if you are interested in a larger item please make sure the size will work in your intended spacing

WooD'Art by Dave

Hello welcome to my shop. Ive been working with wood in one way or another for 25 yrs. I LIKE BRINGING MY VISIONS TO LIFE AND I HOPE YOU WILL ENJOY THEM AS I DO.... the bulk of my work is done on a lathe .Bringing an idea to life and then adding to it,sometimes by carving and others thru dyes and coloring